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The profession of sewing tablecloths attracts more and more young graduates of Kinama


Jun 15, 2021

BUJUMBURA June 15th (ABP) – The profession of tablecloth sewing is attracting more and more young unemployed graduates in the Kinama zone of the urban commune of Ntahangwa, checks on Monday, June 14 by ABP has revealed.

Those unemployed young people have different levels and training tracks. There are those who have failed at the basic school and others who have completed general or technical education. Some of them told the checks by ABP that they had spent more than five years looking for work, but were unsuccessful.

This is the case of Miss Josépha Ntirampeba from the Ruyigi district, who completed General Education, Modern Arts section in 2005 and who finally embraced that profession in 2018.

Miss Ntirampeba lets it be known that this sewing profession gives her a living and allows her to pay the costs of schooling for her little brothers.

She says she easily earns 150,000 BIF per month, adding that she hopes that over time the situation can improve.

Miss Ntirampeba thus advises other unemployed young people to undertake income-generating activities, while waiting to find employment, instead of spending the day in places known as ligalas.

In the zones of the urban commune of Ntahangwa, income-generating activities undertaken by unemployed young people are increasing. In addition to sewing, there are some who have learned masonry, welding and others who are engaged in petty trade. This is the case of Germain Ndabazaniye and Innocent Hatungimana from the Gikungu neighbourhood, who completed the bachelor’s degree and who are currently involved in petty trade.

All in all, many unemployed young people indulge in the consumption of strongly alcoholic and prohibited drinks, while others engage in card games all day long, which constitute a potential source of insecurity.