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Celebration of International Nursing Day at SOS Medical Center in Cibitoke


Jun 4, 2021

CIBITOKE June 4th (ABP) – As part of the International Nursing Day that the world celebrates on May 12, the SOS Medical Center, in collaboration with the Cibitoke Health District, has organized from June 2 to 9, awareness-raising activities on its services to the community. In its approach to the people, the head of the SOS medical center in Cibitoke, Dr. Jérôme Sinkibashikako indicates that his center must be confirmed in the theme of the year 2021, which aims at a vision of better health care for the future. He added that community awareness for infant immunization is aimed at increasing the rate of their routine immunization in the province. To achieve this, three days of community awareness have been scheduled, and two sites developed at the Cibitoke modern market and the 9th crossroads of Cibitoke, for this activity, according to the same health authority.

On the two sites, in the afternoon of June 2, an awareness day for mothers to attend the SOS medical center in Cibitoke for the vaccination of their infants took place, and awards consisting in particular of laundry soaps, buckets, cans and sanitary napkins were granted to girls and women who have successfully completed children’s immunization quiz games. Another sensitization session for the promotion of sexual and reproductive health among young people and adolescents followed the first, to also contribute to the reduction of the school drop-out rate linked to unwanted pregnancies, according to the director of the SOS medical center in Cibitoke.

On Thursday, a second day was organized for awareness and systematic screening of high blood pressure and diabetes among parents and guardians of children. The two days of awareness will be followed by a day of conference-debate with the leaders of the province, which is scheduled for June 9, in the premises of the SOS Children’s Village of Cibitoke, housing the said medical center, according to the same source.