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More than 80,000 cows are expected for vaccination against lumpy skin disease in Bubanza and Muramvya provinces


Jun 1, 2021

BUBANZA / MURAMVYA JUNE 1st (ABP) – Bubanza and Muramvya provinces plan to vaccinate more than 80,000 cows against lumpy skin disease.

In Bubanza (west), more than 70,000 cows are expected since Monday, May 31 for vaccination against lumpy skin disease, according to the provincial directorate of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock.

According to the provincial director in charge of the Livestock, Emmanuel Ndikubaganwa, this disease is often visible especially in Gihanga commune where there are around 50,000 cows among the 70,000 above mentioned.

Mr. Ndikubaganwa called on herders to respond massively to that vaccination campaign because, he said, contamination is quick and easy because it mainly occurs by friction. The other appeal to stockbreeders is to prepare for permanent stabling which will begin to be in force in October of this year.

Note that each stockbreeder must bring a sum of 1000 BIF per cow for the purchase of vaccines, and 2 vaccination sites are planned in each commune.

In Muramvya (center-west), about 11,600 cows were identified to be vaccinated during the campaign against lumpy skin disease launched on Monday at the veterinary center located in the headquarters of Muramvya province, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Cattle stockbreeders in Muramvya province are called upon to bring their animals, from those with two months of birth and over, in the vaccination campaign against lumpy skin disease.

                                                                       Cattle waiting for the vaccination session in Muramvya

That campaign was launched in the morning of Monday at the Muramvya veterinary center respectively by the director of BPEAE, Ali Kassim, the socio-cultural adviser to the governor of Muramvya and Séverin Bagorikunda, the adviser to the animal health directorate. The latter said that this vaccination campaign for healthy cattle was organized by the ministry responsible for livestock as part of the prevention against lumpy skin disease which often appears in during the dry season, Bagorikunda insisted.

He also said that in the context of animal health, the government of Burundi has tried to mobilize everything necessary including vaccines so that stockbreeders can benefit from them with the payment of one thousand Burundi francs per cow.

Note that 11,600 cattle have been identified for protection during this campaign launched against lumpy skin disease in the five communes of the province of Muramvya, and among them 3,500 cattle are for the stockbreeders from the Muramvya commune.