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Distribution of pigs in the communes of Buganda and Rugombo


May 29, 2021

CIBITOKE May 29th (ABP) – A total of 664 pigs made up of 42 boars and 622 sows were distributed on Wednesday May 26, 2021 by the National Program for Food Security and Rural Development of Imbo and Moso (PNSADR-IM), to households benefiting from Nutritional Learning and Rehabilitation Homes (FARN).

This is a residue of that government program focused on food security and rural development which will end in nine months. A total of 16 villages, including nine in Buganda commune and seven in Rugombo commune, have been supported by pig livestock micro-projects. As a result, Buganda commune benefited from 372 pigs made up of 350 sows and 22 boars, while Rugombo had 292 pigs made up of 272 sows and 20 boars, according to veterinary officials.

For the advisor to the provincial governor in charge of community development, Mr. Ruben Tubirabe, who represented the administration at the reception, the beneficiaries must take good care of those pigs and respect the agreement to safeguard the community solidarity chain.

Thus, in order to become the owner of multiple pigs that will descend from those that were distributed on Wednesday; each beneficiary must give three pigs for the benefit of the community solidarity chain, the governor’s representative stressed to them.

The managers of the so-called mothers of light FARN expressed their feeling of satisfaction for that support in favor of food security via the kitchen gardens which will be fertilized.