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A native of Mabayi commune donated 100 benches to his old school


Jun 1, 2021

CIBITOKE June 1st (ABP) – A native of Rutorero, Mabayi commune in Cibitoke province, by the name of Eric Hakizimana, granted on Monday, May 31, one hundred benches to his old school, Rutabo basic school.

In his presentation of that school equipment, Mr. Hakizimana urged the pupils and their teachers to make good use of those benches so that they can be used by several pupils. He declared that he had responded to the province’s governor’s appeal calling on all natives to contribute to the development of their villages, communes and province.

The director of Rutabo basic school, Mr. Gilbert Nduwayo, expressed his satisfaction on behalf of the school for that support which meets a need of the three main challenges including the lack of classrooms, textbooks and benches.

According to the provincial director of education in Mabayi, Mr. Elias Barakekenywa, it is necessary that other natives of the commune follow in the footstep of Hakizimana, because the commune needed 5596 school benches so that its 24 969 pupils follow the lessons in better conditions.