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Young people from Ruyigi province are called for entrepreneurship


Jun 1, 2021

RUYIGI June 1st (ABP) – The youth from Ruyigi province (east of Burundi) in general and that of the BSSU university of the same province in particular are called upon to study by planning projects to be implemented at the end of their studies, and create their own jobs instead of increasing the number of job seekers.

That appeal was made on Thursday May 27 by Mrs. Alice Rwamo, Rector of that university, during the special day of reflection on entrepreneurship and sustainable development for young people from that province.

She indicated that this university is in a province which is historically recognized as being the most remote from the economic capital and has mystical fame as having wizards who can fly at night.

For her, that state of affairs and mistaken beliefs in no way contributes to the development of the people and of young people in particular. It is high time young people demystified all those prejudices and were able to undertake initiatives to contribute to the development of their own families and of the country in general, she insisted. She stresses that a change in mentality is also necessary so that people can achieve sustainable development and knowing that now it is not possible to hire all young graduates.

In her opening speech, Mrs. Jeanine Kwizera, the governor’s advisor in charge of economic affairs, said that the youth of Ruyigi province, even those who have studied, do not have sufficient knowledge to embark on projects. Those who want it do not easily have coaches to guide them from the start of their entrepreneurial process. She made a strong appeal to all young people to flock to creating entrepreneurial initiatives instead of spending all of their time looking for jobs they may never get. She reminded those young people that this entrepreneurial policy is in line with the National Development Program (PND) and that it is exactly with this in mind that the investment bank for young people was set up.

                                                                                            View of the participants

The speaker of the day, Reverend Pastor Dieudonné Nahimana at the same time founder of the New Generation association, talked of change of mentality and seeking to find the talents which are in each of the young people and to be able to exploit them for their sake and for the community. He further specified that the strengthening of positive social values ​​which encourage assiduous and organized work is very important so that Burundian youth can have an identity and stand out from the negative influences of this society which claims to be modern and globalizing and whose the slightest effort law tends to make people forget that work ennobles man.

Note that this university is the first established in the province of Ruyigi and will celebrate its first anniversary by one month. The young people who study at this university come mainly from Ruyigi, Cankuzo, and Muyinga and Rumonge provinces.