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All cooperatives must know that the development of the country concerns everyone


May 24, 2024

CANKUZO, May 24th (ABP) – All cooperatives in Cankuzo province must work hard to contribute to the development of the country, according to the head of the provincial office of cooperative and associative movements, Mr. Ezéchiel Nteziriba, during a joint visit carried out last week, with officials from the provincial office in charge of agriculture and livestock and the women’s forum at four cooperatives in the Gisagara commune, with the support of the alcp-urumuri anti-poverty association.

During that campaign of joint visits to associations and cooperatives in the Cankuzo province, carried out as part of their support and supervision, Mr. Nteziriba welcomed the step taken by certain cooperatives already visited.

The delegation visiting a leather goods cooperative

He deplored that there are some who are taking steps backward to the point that in certain cooperatives we find cases of theft, which leads to the reduction, little by little, of the number of members, but also, other irregularities including the absence of minutes of meetings and so on.

Mr. Nteziriba called for the synergy of the administration and other services at all levels by intensifying awareness sessions for the latter, in order to wake them up for work because, he meant, the development of the country concerns everyone.

Members of some cooperatives visited exposed the problem of exorbitant interest rates (20 percent) required for loans taken out within Coopec savings and credit cooperatives, specifying that repayment is not at all easy. They asked that that rate be revised downwards for the benefit of all

Note that that visit was made to the Intamenwa trade and agriculture cooperative, Intarambirwa chalk manufacturing cooperative, the Sangwe Kirambi cooperative and the Dushaze mu nsato leather goods cooperative, all in the Gisagara commune.