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Jiangsu province, home to new quality productive forces


Mar 31, 2024
BEIJING, March 31th (ABP) – Journalists from different African countries were in Jiangsu province from March 19 to 24, 2024 as part of international media exchange program, where they paid visits to various high-tech industrial parks which make this province home to new quality productive forces following the incredible creative thinking of its people by combining Chinese traditional characteristics and modern ones.
During that period, the African journalists visited the electric vehicle industrial park called Yadea Science and Technology Innovation Center located in Wuxi city. During the exhibition of products such as electric bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds and scooters, it was pointed out that Yadea has received international awards such as the Red Dot Award, iF Design Award, IDEA Award, G-Mark Award, to name but a few. Red Dot, iF, IDEA and G-Mark are collectively known as the world’s four major design awards. For instance, the Red Dot Award is based on the concept of “design that promotes harmony between the environment and human beings”.
View of some Yadea products
As one state-level industrial design center, Yadea ranked first in global sales for six consecutive years. It is committed to providing high quality consumption experience and making every finished product a quality product, while believing that quality is the foundation of the brand. Yadea bears in mind its original aspiration and strives to provide a solution for short- and medium-distance travel that is free, convenient, comfortable, intelligently connected, aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly, empowering billions to enjoy easy traveling. In short, Yadea is internationally renowned for its electric two-wheeler brand.
They also visited the first 5G cloth manufacturing industry working in collaboration with the telecommunications company of China, China Unicom. It employs 6000 workers and has offices in New York, Thailand and Singapore. It manufactures various types of clothes in a very short period of time while combining Chinese characteristics and modern characteristics, and enables online customization.
The journalists representing various media outlets of African countries got the opportunity to visit Taihu Lake, the third largest lake in China. They embarked on a ship towards Taihu Star, the intelligent integrated platform ship for ecological dredging of the Taihu Lake. The ship integrates the functions of ecological dredging, sludge solidification, and tail water treatment. Taihu Star is the world’s first of this kind of engineering ship with China owning fully independent intellectual property rights.
Taihu Star, the intelligent integrated platform ship for ecological dredging of the Taihu Lake
This project has been implemented by China Communications Construction Company (CCCC)-Tianjin Dredging Company (TDC). The Taihu Star achieves the highest intelligent level of environmental dredging in the world with stable daily dredging volume of 5000 m³ and synchronously realizes sludge pressure filtration and solidification.
Another gigantic project of CCCC that the journalists visited, is the Shangtai Yangtze River Bridge which connects the Changzhou and Taizhou cities. Yangtze River is the world’s first deepest river (with 26 meters deep) while the Shangtai Yangtze River bridge is 10,03 kilometers long. The construction of the bridge started in October 2019. The bridge has now entered the final stage of construction for the upper structure, according to official information.

View of the Yangtze River Bridge with over 10 km
They also paid a visit to the headquarters of CCCC Tianhe mechanical equipment manufacturing company LTD, the world’s largest and most complete Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM)/Research and Development (R &D) in Changshu, an enterprise working under the vision ” We build a better connected world, we make cities more livable, we create better life for people “. In nutshell, CCCC is a multinational engineering and construction company primarily engaged in the design, construction and operation of infrastructure assets, including highways, bridges, tunnels, railways (especially high-speed rail), subways, airports, oil platforms, and marine ports.
Group photo in front of the TBM

African journalists also got the opportunity to visit other manufacturing companies including the high-tech tire manufacturing company, which produces 4000 medium-sized tires per day and 120000 long tires for the whole years. They visited the Wuxi movie Studio and other places looking like tourist sites such as Yixing county-level city, the only city of Jiangsu province having purple clay used in Chinese pottery since the Song dynasty, and the Yixing Longchi Mountain Bike Park whose landmark is green tea.

Visitors found out that it is hard not to find what you like in China in general, and in Jiangsu province in particular which, among the 23 provinces of China, ranks second in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) after Guangdong province. ” China has a unique history and its people uphold the principles of love, unity and empathy for not only among themselves, but also for visitors from across the world “, David. S. Menjor, reporter at the Daily Observer Newspaper in Monrovia (Liberia), told a check by Burundi News Agency (ABP) on the sidelines of the visit to Jiangsu province, adding that Jiangsu is a modest province and China a hospitable country.

In his closing remarks of the visit to Jiangsu province, the Chairman of China Public Diplomacy Association (CPDA), Wu Hailong, recalled the flagship projects that have been or are being implemented by the CCCC whether in China or in Africa, pointing out that CCCC group has been working with Africa for more than 15 years. He considered African journalists as ambassadors of their respective countries to China as they are able to forge a lasting friendly relationship between China and Africa. ” Africa and China should join efforts together in order to share the same future and rely on each other. We should jointly construct a better future for humankind “, he stressed.

Learners are making cups from purple clay