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Development by integration on Rukoba village: complaints from plot owners


Mar 7, 2024

GITEGA March 5th (ABP) – The owners of plots covered by the development project by integration of the Burundian Housing Office (OBUHA) on Rukoba hill in Gitega commune and province (central Burundi) have asked that Office to carefully correct the results of their investigations carried out on their land.

That is a plea that they expressed after having consulted the said results publicly displayed in the grounds of the Gitega aerodrome, 300 meters from Rukoba hill.

Among those who found themselves wronged was a certain Edouard Ndayizamba, who revealed the irregularities in question to the ABP. Those include, among others, plots whose surface areas have been reduced, owners whose names do not correspond to the plot number and houses whose materials have not been properly noted.

Furthermore, Mr. Ndayizamba expressed the wish to increase the number of OBUHA agents responsible for correcting those irregularities, arguing that a single person is incapable of serving the entire applicant population so that it is within its rights, especially since we gave that activity a two-week deadline, he added.

The head of the OBUHA branch in Gitega, Mr. Emery Niyonzima, acknowledged the above-mentioned irregularities, promising that he will contact the office’s Planning team to correct all complaints.

Note that the Rukoba site has a total of 1832 plots covering an area of 1030 hectares.

The development by integration project plans to give each person affected by the project 57% of the surface area of their property, the rest going to the Burundian State.

The  people of Rukoba village was satisfied with that measure, as they testified to the ABP, explaining that they support the will of the government in its vision of an emerging Burundi in 2040 and developed in 2060.