• Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Administrative authorities welcome the support of the NGO Tubura in agricultural development


Mar 7, 2024

KAYANZA March 5th (ABP) – The authorities of Kayanza province (north) welcome the achievements of the non-governmental organization called Tubura and ask that the latter extend its services to all communes in that province. That was mentioned last Wednesday, during a joint visit carried out by the executives of that NGO and both administrative and agricultural officials, on Bandaga village, in Matongo commune, with a view to showing them those organo-mineral fertilizers are being distributed to the organization’s beneficiaries, as recommended, it was observed on site.

During their testimonies, the beneficiaries of the NGO Tubura said they were very satisfied with having worked with that organization, emphasizing that previously, they exploited large plots of land, using archaic agricultural techniques, which meant that production was very insignificant. For the moment, they continued, production is increasing from year to year thanks to chemical fertilizers and selected seeds that they receive on credit, but also to the lessons provided by Tubura executives and to the supervision regular and rigorous of the said organization.

The same NGO also allowed them to improve their living conditions, especially by providing them with solar lamps, telephones and debts repayable in 24 monthly payments. Some beneficiaries have, moreover, asked the NGO Tubura to continue the Android phone distribution program, so that they do not fall behind in terms of information and communication technologies.

On the side of the provincial administration, the representative of the cabinet of the governor of Kayanza province, Mrs. Jeannette Hakizimana, praised the achievements of the NGO Tubura and asked that it extend its services to cover all the nine communes of Kayanza province. She also proposed intensifying teaching, in order to allow all residents to use good agricultural practices, especially as arable land is dwindling day by day.

As for the person in charge of the monitoring-evaluation service at the provincial office of agriculture, environment and livestock in Kayanza, Mr. Félicien Bitangimana, he congratulated the NGO Tubura for the way in which it supervises its beneficiaries until that the most deprived have access to chemical fertilizers and seeds, depending on the land they use and the means at their disposal.

Similar descents were also carried out on Cibari village, in Muyinga commune and province.