• Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Validation of the urbanization and development master plan for the town of Rumonge


Mar 5, 2024

RUMONGE March 4th (ABP) – The Ministry of Infrastructure, Equipment and Social Housing organized, Thursday in the capital of Rumonge province (south-west), a restitution and validation workshop of the master plan of urbanization and development of the town of Rumonge.

In his speech, the minister responsible for infrastructure, Mr. Dieudonné Dukundane, indicated that the town of Rumonge has potential for development.

According to him, it borders Lake Tanganyika, thus facilitating study trips to neighboring countries for the inhabitants of that city. He indeed called on the population of the Rumonge province in general and the inhabitants of the town of Rumonge in particular to take ownership of the urbanization and development project of that town while respecting the master plan projected in the execution of their different projects. According to the projected plan, by 2060, the city of Rumonge will be built in two essential parts. One will include public infrastructure such as roads, commercial and administrative facilities as well as the industrial zone. According to the same plan, the administrative facilities will be placed on Kanyenkoko village while the industrial zone will be oriented towards the Gatete zone, on Mutambara hill where the former Savonor factory is located. There are two reasons which pushed the designers to locate those scattered factories in the same place as explained during the presentation. They are first linked to controlling the cleanliness of the city and then, to controlling the activities of those factories.

The second part will be done by the habitat zone. The diagram shows that that area will be occupied by social housing and administered habitats. The housing is located on the Mwange, Rukinga, Gihwanya villages and part of Mugomere while the administered housing will be located on the Mwange and Mutambara hills.

Some participants in that session wanted the town of Rumonge to be a tourist town because, they say, it has quite a few tourist places such as thermal water sites and protected nature reserves. Others find that it would be better for that town to be a fishing town, given the fishing activities that take place there. In response to those grievances expressed, Mr. Dukundane invited the population of Rumonge province to work hard to develop all those sectors. The town of Rumonge, he added, will bear the name of the developed sector.