• Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

ARB has been asked to build a bridge over the Cankuzo-Gisagara road, which has been completely cut off by the ravine


Jun 7, 2024

CANKUZO, June 7th (ABP) – Last Saturday, the President of the Burundian Senate, Emmanuel Sinzohagera, visited the RN21 Cankuzo-Gisagara road to see the damage caused by a ravine that has cut off the road at Gitwenge village, in Gisagara commune, Cankuzo province, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Mr. Sinzohagera called on the Burundi Road Agency (ARB) to build a bridge immediately to remedy the situation.

Run-off water from the hills above the road has created a large ravine, making it impossible for any locomotive to cross.

The commune’s administrator, Gratien Nitunga, says that building the bridge at that point is beyond the commune’s capacity.  Some fifty bales of rubble that were sent by the commune to fill in the gully did not help.

He pointed out that the PRODECI-TURIKUMWE project was responsible for building the bridge, but the work is behind schedule due to stalled tendering procedures.

In fact, that project wants to re-launch the call for tenders after noting that the dossiers submitted for the first time did not meet the required conditions.

With the PRODECI-TURIKUMWE project, the implementation date for those works could be later than that summer, while the commune and the entire population are suffering enormous losses,” said Mr Nitunga.