• Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

WFP grants a new vehicle to Ngozi province


Feb 4, 2024

NGOZI January 31st (ABP) – WFP has granted the Ngozi province a new Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle.

The head of the WFP office in Ngozi Ngelej Agbaw, who offered the keys to the governor of Ngozi province, Désiré Minani, said he was very satisfied with the good cooperation existing between the WFP and the government of Burundi. That vehicle will be used to supervise the various programs implemented by the WFP in Ngozi. Those include the school canteen program which supports 4,300 students who are fed at school. He also cited support for the various health centers in the province, as well as the food fortification program.

The head of the WFP office in Ngozi also mentioned support for Congolese and Rwandan refugees in the Musasa camp, in the commune of Kiremba.

Governor Minani welcomed that donation which comes in great need given that the province until now only had one vehicle used by the provincial governor. He was also delighted with the acquisition of a means of travel to realize his dream of relaunching agro-pastoral cooperatives. He requested the intervention of other multilateral partners working in Ngozi to support his province with means of travel that will allow it to fully play its role.