• Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Cases of home birth, a concern of the Kayanza communal administrator


Jan 19, 2024

KAYANZA January 19th  (ABP) – The administrator of Kayanza Commune, in Kayanza province (north), Mr. Godefroid Niyonizigiye, began, on Wednesday, January 17, 2024, field trips at the zone level. It was with the aim of making contact and welcoming the grievances of the population, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

That raid began in the Nyabihogo zone where the great concern of the population concerns the fine imposed on women who give birth at home or on those who help them in that act. The head of the Nyabihogo health center, Mr. Uwingabire Alexis, who introduced that fine of 5,000 BIF, specified that three women gave birth at home last week and that two of the three births died during childbirth.

The administrator of the Kayanza commune, Mr. Godefroid Niyonizigiye, said he was outraged by the fact that pregnant women do not consult the health center for prenatal and postnatal consultation, even though it is close. Thus, he asked them to abandon that bad practice which often causes both infant and maternal deaths. According to him, the fine for those who give birth at home should instead be increased.

After the Nyabihogo zone, the administrator of the Kayanza commune went to the Murima zone. The problems raised in that area concern in particular disagreements between spouses due to the fact that certain legally married men from Kabarore and Busiga communes, respectively from Kayanza and Ngozi provinces, come to settle on Gacu and Kavumu villages and remarry. To avoid that phenomenon, administrator Niyonizigiye demanded that those who rented their houses close them, so that tenants who have been involved in cohabitation return to their respective communalities. At the same time, village chiefs including those of Ruvomo and Gacu were dismissed from their positions for having failed in the mission assigned to them.