• Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

The inhabitants of Muhanga are called on to replace tobacco cultivation with other food crops


Jan 18, 2024

KAYANZA January 18th (ABP) – The operators of different marshes in the Muhanga commune in Kayanza province (north), were called on Monday January 15, 2024, by administrative officials and those in charge of agriculture, to promote the crops food crops such as maize, beans and potatoes instead of tobacco cultivation which benefits a minority of people.

That appeal was made to them on the occasion of the launch of the corn harvest campaign sown during the C 2023 growing season. The related activities took place in the Gasambi marsh covering 116 hectares, he said.

The Muhanga commune has 11 marshes covering 1841 hectares. However, the large part of these marshes is exclusively reserved for tobacco farming.

The municipal agronomist of Muhanga, Mr. Edouard Mbonimpa, reported that, jointly with the administration, they raised awareness among the population and that as a result, the marshes exploited during this season extend over 1068 ha and that the expected production there is around 6,500 tonnes.

For his part, the advisor to the communal administrator of Muhanga in charge of statistics and development, Mr. Simon Ntabahungu, stressed that tobacco cultivation benefits a minority of people, which is why he invited the swamp operators of this commune to be concerned about agriculture as a whole.

Taking advantage of this same opportunity, he recommended to the inhabitants of Muhanga to manage corn production as a good father, especially since even the government recently set the price of 1,700 BIF per kilogram of dry maize grains.