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The sale of fruits and grilled meats in Gasenyi provides income to the Buganda commune


Jan 8, 2024

CIBITOKE, January 8th (ABP) – Grillers of goat meat, chicken and banana, as well as sellers of steak, cassava paste and fruit at the Gasenyi center in Buganda commune of Cibitoke province (north western Burundi) are delighted with the income they earn from their jobs.

The Buganda commune also draws satisfaction from it on several aspects, according to the permanent communal secretary, Mr. Alexis Sibomana. This is a source of income for fruit and meat sellers because, they say, they have facilities to live and feed theirs. They also give work to others.

Those fruit sellers and meat grillers regularly pay municipal taxes. For example, for a single goat slaughtered, the commune receives BIF 1000, while per day, between 20 to 50 goats are slaughtered, without counting the number of chickens, the quantity of meat or others.

Better yet, on the days of football matches or other celebrations, the said center slaughters more than a hundred goats, he added.

Sellers of fruit, tomatoes and other food products pay BIF 500 per point of sale every day.

Furthermore, that communal official talks about the visibility of his commune linked to that specialty of grilled meat, coupled with cassava paste, which means that many Burundian or foreign visitors have to stop to eat and drink BRARUDI products and talk to others who have not yet attended said center.

                                                                                        A grilled meat selling point, at the Gasenyi center

Mr. Sibomana, however, returned to what is lacking in that shopping center, notably the lack of sufficient parking and the phenomenon of street children which is taking on a worrying aspect. On this, he indicated that the commune intends to identify them in order to warn their parents for those who have them, and to seek other ways out for others.

He did not forget to remind the beneficiaries of those commercial activities to ensure the cleanliness of the place and the toilets. As for the sellers and grillers, they revealed to a check by ABP that they earn a lot from their jobs, which allows them to live and feed their families.

However, they deplore the daily rise in the prices of animals to be slaughtered, which means that sometimes they work at a loss compared to previous years while they have to pay communal taxes and do all the best to avoid losing their customers.