• Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

More than 200 new members of the CNDD-FDD have been welcomed in Sampeke


Jan 4, 2024

MAKAMBA, January 4th (ABP) – The secretary general of the CNDD-FDD party, Mr. Révérien Ndikuriyo, welcomed, on Sunday December 31, 2023, 223 new members of the ruling party in Sampeke village, Bigina zone of the Makamba commune, a check by ABP revealed.

                                                          Bagumyabanga present at the welcoming ceremonies for new members

Mr. Ndikuriyo took advantage of the opportunity to give rabbits to the most destitute of that village. Those poor people will, in turn, give them to their comrades after the reproduction.

He advised those new members to have a vision for their development.