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The Head of State urges Burundians to work diligently for the success of the 2040-2060 vision


Jan 3, 2024

BUJUMBURA, January 3rd (ABP) – During the message to the nation delivered on Sunday December 31, 2023, the President of the Republic of Burundi, Evariste Ndayishimiye, offered the best wishes for the New Year 2024 which will run under the theme: “Building the cornerstone of the vision of a Burundi emerging in 2040 and developed in 2060 by improving the living conditions of Burundian citizens (Twubake umushinge w’imbonakazoza y’igihugu cigaba kikigaburira mu 2040 n’igihugu giteye imbere mu 2060 duhereye guteza imbere ubuzima bw’abenegihugu)”.

For the success of “vision 2040-2060”, the Head of State called on Burundians to change their mentality, work assiduously in all sectors to increase production, in order to effectively combat poverty.

As for development projects, Burundians must also harness the natural resources available to the country such as rain, fertile soil, precious stones, water resources and others, declared the Head of State. Thus, he congratulated the young people who have already understood the importance of tackling the development work and invited them to encourage other young people to follow suit. He urged leaders to serve as role models in protecting the public treasury while getting rid of corruption and economic embezzlement. State civil servants must change their mentality by increasing production to be paid according to their production.

As for economic operators, they are called upon to dare establish industries, export their products abroad to bring in foreign currency, pay taxes, and provide employment.

To achieve the 2040-2060 vision, the President of the Republic revealed that the State of Burundi is doing all the best to make qualified human capital available. Such human capital will be trained in the professional training centers already set up in the country.

According to the Burundian number one, the country also needs to maintain peace, tighten security and good governance; and fight against corruption, injustice and economic embezzlement to achieve sustainable development. There must also be reforms in the payment of taxes where the new electronic payment system will make it possible to avoid tax evasion and fraud in order to have more revenue and implement many development projects for the country. The new Budget-Program system already initiated will enable the proper management of the public treasury.

The construction of the Uvinza-Musongati-Gitega railway, which will connect Tanzania, Burundi and the DRC, will be a safer and cheaper means of transport that will reduce poverty and develop internal and foreign trade.

In the justice sector, the government of Burundi is deploying all its efforts to implement the trials provided, affirmed the Head of State, pointing out that with regard to the trials which were poorly executed in the past, there are laws being reviewed to see how to implement them.

He did not fail to point out that the inmates accused of misdemeanors (petty offenses) will soon be released to do development work with their families. This will even help reduce prison population. He congratulated and encouraged the judges who perform their duties in compliance with the ethics of their profession.

Finally, the Head of State invited the Burundians to collaborate well for the success of the next General Census of Population, Agriculture and Livestock (RGPHAE) by providing reliable information because, he explained, it is from the census data that we will have a lot of information which will be used in planning a Burundi emerging in 2040 and developed in 2060.

The President of the Republic of Burundi did not forget to condemn the massacres committed by the “Red Tabara” group since 2015. He cited the massacres committed at Ruhagarika in 2018 and those committed at Vugizo in the Gatumba zone of the Mutimbuzi commune in December 2023. Affirming that “Red Tabara” is headquartered in Rwanda and that it is supported by this country, President Ndayishimiye said that the government of Burundi is still waiting for those Burundians to be extradited to be brought to justice. He specified that the negotiations between Burundi and Rwanda on this issue led to nothing.

The Head of State invited all Burundians to remain vigilant and work within the quadrilogy to keep peace and tighten security because, he said, without peace and security, no development project is possible.