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Breeders have reported the appearance of lumpy skin disease in cattle


Dec 28, 2023

CIBITOKE, December 28th (ABP) – Breeders from certain villages of Mabayi commune, in Cibitoke province (west of the country) are worried about the appearance of lumpy skin disease in their cattle.

At least 19 cases of this viral disease, characterized by fever, and the appearance of large nodules on the skin have already been recorded.

According to the provincial head of animal health, Jean Sindayigaya, five cases of mortality, seven sick and seven cured cases are the provisional results since the appearance of this disease, almost two weeks ago.

The villages already affected include Kibande, Gitukura, Nyagaseke, Kabere, Buhoro and Rutorero.

Mr. Singayigaya congratulates the breeders, who wasted no time in putting together money to buy vaccine, and calls on others to follow suit and have their cows vaccinated.