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Rabbit farming generates income, according to COSAD


Dec 27, 2023

CIBITOKE, December 27th (ABP) – The solidarity and self-development cooperative of Burundi (COSAD), working in the headquarters of Cibitoke province, in Rugombo commune, is making a lot of progress, thanks to rabbit farming, according to COSAD representative Ferdinand Hagabimana.

“We started with 14 rabbits (males and females), which we subsequently mated and the latter gave young rabbits which were fattened to have more breeders and meat rabbits to sell”.

After seven months of multiplication, COSAD has more than 200 breeders, with a production of rabbit urine for sale, amounting to a 20-liter container every two days, he said. This cooperative of around fifty members plans to go further and popularize rabbit farming throughout the province.

In addition to livestock and selling rabbits, COSAD also specializes in the manufacture of rabbit hutches, at a price of 271,000 Burundian francs, for a hutch of six cages, a check by ABP revealed.

For its members, COSAD taught them how to raise rabbits; each member must raise rabbits at home. It also provides supervision to its clients, during the first months of the practice of rabbit farming, according to the leader of the management committee, Jeanine Bigirimana.

She revealed that COSAD plans to soon meet the demand of its customers for rabbit farming and meat, but also those who purchase urine, at 5,000 BIF per liter. For those who want to start their rabbit farming project, Madame Bigirimana invites them to approach COSAD, for the choice of breeders, the creation of rabbit habitats, coaching and feeding of rabbits.