• Thu. May 23rd, 2024

The presidential couple has exchanged wishes for the year 2024 with the defense and security forces


Dec 26, 2023

GITEGA, December 26th (ABP) – The President of the Republic, Mr. Evariste Ndayishimiye, along with his better half, the vice president and other senior authorities of the country, exchanged on Friday, December 22, 2023 in Gitega (center of the country), 2024 New Year’s best wishes with the defense and security forces, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The Minister in charge of Public Security, Mr. Martin Niteretse and the Minister in charge of National Defense, Mr. Alain Tribert Mutabazi, wished the Head of State a year of peace, milk and honey, health, happiness and prosperity. They gave him various gifts as recognition and thanks. These include, among others, six cows with specific surnames such as “Yamukunzi, Yamuhizi, Yamuco, Yandemesha, Yamukozi, Yamubano” to congratulate him for the good deeds he is carrying out in the country. They also had the opportunity to present the achievements of their ministries.

                                                                                                    View of the attendees in the ceremonies

Mr. Niteretse indicated that the Ministry in charge of Public Security partook in several actions, including the revitalization of Communal Community Development Plans (PCDC). The police, he said, continued to fight all gangs of criminals in different sectors of the country and carried out searches in different corners of the country.

However, he deplored the increase in road accidents which are occurring and resulting in the loss of the lives of several people, while indicating that the ministry is looking forward to mitigating such accidents. The Minister in charge of Public Security also reported that his ministry has already welcomed and supported 26,250 repatriated people with food and non-food items. He hopes that other Burundians who are in different refugee camps will return to their homes during 2024.

Minister Niteretse also declared that the Police are committed to combating all kinds of fraud in the country in order to promote the national economy.

For his part, the Minister in charge of National Defense and Veterans Affairs, Mr. Alain Tribert Mutabazi, thanked the National Defense agents who give their all to promote the well-being of the people in and outside the country. To that end, he presented to the President of the Republic the grievances of the widows of national defense agents who died while serving the nation. He mentioned the case of certain widows who work far from home and who request transfers in order to properly supervise their children. He also asked the Head of State to set up a day dedicated to National Defense orders, as recommended by other East African countries.

Taking the floor, the President of the Republic congratulated the defense and security forces for the actions they have carried out during this year, especially in the fight against fraud. He asked them to continue to fight against fraud and promote good governance in order to achieve Burundi’s vision of being an emerging country in 2040 and a developed country in 2060. The President of the Republic asked the defense and security corps to continue to work in harmony with the population and to fiercely combat all those who squander the public treasury. He urges them to always have the heart and the courage to give their all for the welfare of others.

Note that the President of the Republic thanked the two ministries for the donation offered to him.