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Residents complain of muddy and almost impassable streets in neighborhoods


Dec 10, 2023

CANKUZO December 10th (ABP) – Residents of the provincial capital Cankuzo complain that the streets are almost impassable in the rainy season following the water which stagnates in the main roads and the streets which separate the residential houses.

The only macadamized road known to Cankuzo province crosses it from Ruyigi province towards Muyinga province.

During the summer of that year 2023, the Burundi Road Agency, ARB compacted the four km Cankuzo-Muyaga road and some sections of main roads towards the Cankuzo market.

However, the population complains that the streets of the neighborhoods are flooded by rainwater and water coming from residential houses.

Those residents say that it is difficult for them to move around in the same neighbourhood or move from one neighbourhood to another. That is the basis of insecurity. One of the residents of the Ndava district revealed that a two-year-old child was almost swept away by those waters.

They do not understand how the situation is like that, when that town of Cankuzo is the capital of the new Buhumuza province bringing together the current Muyinga, Cankuzo and Ruyigi provinces. They ask the government to build streets there in a modern way so that the city is attractive. The head of the Burundian Office of Urban Planning, Housing and Construction, OBUHA in that province, Mr. Jérôme Nimubona reassured them, saying that we will soon build 3km of paved streets with gutters and that that project will continue over time.

He deplored that despite awareness rising, most of those residents have not yet dug cesspools, calling on them to change their behavior for the benefit of all.