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Donation of 200 hives and related kits to local associations in Ruvubu National Park


Nov 3, 2023

MUYINGA November 3rd (ABP) – The Burundi Landscape Restoration and Resilience Project, PRRBP, delivered, via the Burundian Office for Environmental Protection, OBPE, beehives and related kits such as smokehouses, extractors, mutilators, … as well as equipment used in crafts, all manufactured in a modern way, to the riverside associations of the Ruvubu National Park “Shamba rigana akariho” and “Dukingire ibidukikije”.

The official activities of that presentation of modern beekeeping and craft tools took place on Gasave village, in Buhinyuza commune of Muyinga province.

The director of forests within OBPE, Mr. Samuel Niyibitanga, said that that gesture was made with the aim of improving quality and production in those associations, but also to allow them to work without disrupting the environment. He called on the beneficiaries to keep that equipment carefully to succeed until the export of their products.

That aid will encourage beneficiaries to invest more in environmental protection. He also underlined that they will contribute to the fight against bush fires within that same park.

The beneficiaries said they were satisfied with that gesture but asked for boots which will make their task easier in carrying out their profession, but also in protecting the environment.

Note that that PRRPB project also provides material support to other local associations in the Teza forest, Kibira national park and many others. Thus, an envelope of approximately $300,000 has already been used, according to the coordinator of that project, Mrs. Odette Kayitesi.