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Celebration of the day dedicated to local solidarity within the Red Cross


Nov 3, 2023

MURAMVYA October 31st (ABP) – Red Cross volunteers in Bukeye commune of Muramvya province celebrated last Thursday, the day dedicated to local solidarity under the theme “Supporting vulnerable people, preventing all forms of disasters and developing the local community.”

The ceremonies were enhanced by a parade of more than a thousand volunteers from the 18 villages of Bukeye commune. In his speech, the president of the Red Cross at the communal level indicated that volunteers are working to support the vulnerable and have already assisted more than 700 people with food and non-food items.

The communal councillor in charge of local solidarity, Christophe Nshimirimana, appreciated the contribution of Red Cross volunteers to the life of different sectors of activity, especially the support of vulnerable people and the protection of the environment. He called on the population to follow the example of the volunteers to imitate their humility.

The president of the provincial branch, Mrs. Marie Viola Inashaza, also appreciated the important activities carried out by the volunteers at the village level.

You will know that it was an opportunity to distribute aid to 66 vulnerable people where each one had 10 kg of beans and a loincloth or blanket in case the vulnerable person is a widower.