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Launch of the week dedicated to food


Oct 18, 2023

CIBITOKE October 16th (ABP) – The official launch of the week dedicated to food, under the theme “water is life and the food of all of us, let’s preserve water”, took place on Tuesday October 11, 2023, in Nyakagunda, Rugombo commune, Cibitoke province.

The ceremonies marking that activity were enhanced by the presence of the assistant to the minister in charge of agriculture in his responsibilities, Emmanuel Ndorimana. In his speech today, he indicated that Burundi joins the world in celebrating International Food Day on October 16 each year. He said that this is an opportunity to remind his people to work and produce, to have the food necessary for a balanced diet.

The assistant to the minister in charge of agriculture congratulated the inhabitants of Cibitoke province, who took the message of the Head of State literally, calling on Burundians to produce, during the dry season, to have enough food and money.

                                                                     Mr. Ndoricimpa visits fish ponds

He clarified that the first medicine for the good health of living beings is nothing other than good nutrition. He did not forget to provide advice to the population, such that, after production, we must eat a balanced diet, and not sell all the production to the markets.

He appreciated the harvests observed during the guided tour in the communes of Buganda and Rugombo. He visited the Kaburantwa fish farming center in Buganda commune, and shared fields in Murambi for irrigated tomato cultivation. He also visited the Nyakagunda outreach center, in Rugombo commune, where he was surprised by a diversity of cultures.

He encouraged the inhabitants to produce more, thanks to the irrigation of their crops, even when there is no rain, also calling on them to ensure good management of water and irrigation infrastructure. .

He appealed to other provinces to follow in the footsteps of Cibitoke province to make irrigated agriculture a better strategy for good agricultural production, even during the dry season.

He reassured the governor of Cibitoke province that his ministry will continue to ensure the maintenance of irrigation infrastructures and the finalization of those under construction. He invited the population to pool cultivable land, for coordinated activities, model fields, with better production. He revealed that the Nyakanga site will be a model of its kind, with more accessibility.

As for the governor of Cibitoke province, Carême Bizoza, he was delighted with the choice of his province to host such an event.

Various gifts of food were given to the representative of the ministry in charge of agriculture by farmers grouped in agro-livestock cooperatives, as recognition of good supervision on the part of agro-pastoral technicians,  a check on the site by ABP has revealed.