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Launch of the China-Africa Media Actions initiative


Oct 18, 2023

BUJUMBURA October 17th (ABP) – The China Media Group (CMG), Chinese media group, in collaboration with more than 40 African media including the Burundi News Agency, from 24 countries launched, on October 14, 2023, the China-Africa Media Actions initiative, within the framework of the “Belt and Road”. A special broadcast was produced for this purpose on the Chinese media CGTN.

                                                              Mrs. Vestine Nahimana

Speaking during this broadcast, Mr. Shen Haixiong, president and editor-in-chief of CMG, indicated that this China-Africa Media Actions initiative has just been inaugurated on the occasion of the 3rd “Belt and Road” Forum”, for international cooperation which will be held in China during the month of October. The China-Africa Media Actions initiative comes as the Belt and Road Initiative celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2023.

According to Mr. Haixiong, on the occasion of this 10th anniversary, Chinese President Xi Jinping indicated that cooperation has enabled the construction of a high-level China-Africa community with a shared future. “The Belt and Road” allowed Chinese and African civilizations to inspire and appreciate each other.

Concretely, announced Mr. Haixiong, as part of the China-Africa Media Actions initiative, cooperation will be strengthened in the production and broadcast of programs on the theme “The Belt and Road”, a China-Africa Documentary Festival for promoting mutual understanding of different peoples. Added to this, the promotion of development and continued innovation of Chinese and African media, according to the president and editor-in-chief of CMG.

For Mrs. Vestine Nahimana, president of the National Media Council who spoke during the special broadcast, she considered that the China-Africa Media Actions initiative comes at the right time, because the future of Cooperation between China and Africa requires cooperation between Chinese and African media. According to Mrs. Nahimana, this results in the exchange of programs and know-how between journalists. She believed that Chinese and African journalists must strengthen their bilateral cooperation by highlighting cultural aspects: making Africa known to China and China to Africa. The role of the media in this win-win partnership is essential, she stressed. She expressed the wish to see China support African media, while wishing for the consolidation of the recent partnership which exists between the CNC and the CMG.

The Director General of the Burundian Press Agency, Mr. Nicolas Barajingwa who also spoke during this special broadcast, considered that Sino-African media cooperation, through this initiative, will make it possible to tell the story of exchanges friendly relations and mutual benefits between Africa and China. While highlighting the charm of Chinese and African civilizations.

Several administrative officials in charge of the media in Africa and managers of the various African press organs having joined this initiative spoke during this special broadcast.