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Commemoration of the 62nd anniversary of the assassination of the hero of independence


Oct 18, 2023

BURURI/RUMONGE/BUJUMBURA/KARUSI/MWARO October 16th (ABP) – The commemoration of the 62nd anniversary of the assassination of the hero of national independence, Prince Louis Rwagasore, took place on October 13, 2023, in all provinces of the country.

In Bururi province, the ceremonies marking this day began with a thanksgiving mass celebrated at the Queen Mary Cathedral in Bururi. They continued at the independence monument located in the capital of the province, where the governor of Bururi, Léonidas Bandenzamaso, who presided over those ceremonies, as well as representatives of political parties, laid wreaths of flowers, even some members of the royal family.

In his special remarks, the governor returned to unity and the noble task of freeing the country from the colonial yoke, which Prince Louis accomplished for the country. He asked the people to be united and work hard to develop their families and the country.

At the same time, in Rumonge province, the governor of the province relied on the words of the hero of independence to remind the people of the government’s vision of making Burundi an emerging country in 2040 and developed in 2060. According to him, this will only be possible with the contribution of everyone, emphasizing the role of those responsible for justice.

In Bujumbura province, it was the Mugongomanga commune which hosted the day’s ceremonies.

In her welcoming remarks, the administrator of that commune, Mrs. Consolate Ndayisaba, told the population of that commune to perpetuate the legacy of the hero Rwagasore who called on Burundians to live together in unity, to work in cooperatives. She took advantage of this opportunity to attest that cooperatives for young people and adults are a reality in that commune.

The governor of that province, Désiré Nsengiyumva recalled that the hero of Independence, Prince Louis Rwagasore was a courageous, extraordinary person, who led a political fight on two fronts; on the one hand the Burundians who did not want independence immediately and the settlers. He called on the people of Bujumbura to follow his example, by increasing production. He regretted that although the government called on everyone to join cooperatives, there are people who, until today, refuse to join others and urged them to do so without delay.

To the leaders of political parties, Governor Nsengiyumva advised them to join the activities organized by the State.

Wreaths of flowers were laid at the independence monument by the governor, the administrator of the Mugongomanga commune, the CNDD-FDD party and the APDR, a big absentee at that meeting was the UPRONA party of Prince Rwagasore, which surprised more than one.

In Karusi province, the ceremonies began with a mass led by the priest of the Sacred Heart parish, Wilson Nkurunziza, who, in his homily, asked the assembly to follow the model of Prince Louis Rwagasore in their Christian spirit.

At the monument of the hero of independence, flowers were laid by the administration, the police, the hero’s family, the CNDD-FDD, UPRONA, Sahwanya Frodebu and APDR parties.

Participants in that commemoration listened to the speech of the hero of independence and that of the governor, Mrs. Dévote Nizigiyimana. Inspired by this historic speech, Mrs. Nizigiyimana called on the people of her province for harmonious development based on justice for all. According to her, Prince Rwagasore was assassinated, but his spirit remains. Some leaders use it as a guide and fight for the common interest. She called on everyone to campaign for unity, peace and development.

In Mwaro province, the ceremonies began with a mass in his memory which was celebrated at the Saint Léonidas parish of Mwaro.

After the mass, wreaths were laid at the fiftieth anniversary monument, starting with the governor of Mwaro province, communal administrators and political parties working in Mwaro province. The ceremonies were closed with the speech of the hero of independence addressed to the people after the victory of the UPRONA party in 1961.