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The International Day of Peace has been celebrated


Sep 26, 2023

MAKAMBA September 25th (ABP) – Environmental protection contributes to the strengthening of peace, the reason why the Roots and Shoots project encourages young people to participate in environmental protection actions. That was indicated on Thursday, September 21, by the national coordinator of that project, Mr. David Ninteretse, during the celebration of the International Day of Peace in Nyanza-Lac commune.

Mr. Ninteretse stressed that preserving the environment allows the fight against climate change which causes insecurity for families who are victims of climatic hazards. According to this coordinator, the community living in the Roots and Shoots action area is made aware of peaceful cohabitation while preserving the environment.

Roots and Shoots volunteers who participate in the work of preparing nurseries and planting trees are grouped into savings and credit associations. In this way, when young people have work, peace and security are preserved in the communities.

He added that some volunteers, winners of the fundamental post, benefit from courses relating to environmental protection and community development.

Furthermore, as part of strengthening peace and security within the community, Roots and Shoots provide medical assistance cards to vulnerable families who participate in environmental protection activities.

The permanent executive secretary of the Nyanza-Lac commune, Mr. Onesphore Niyongendako, indicated that the communal administration is delighted with the activities of Roots and Shoots Burundi which has contributed greatly to the restoration of the environment. The violent winds that destroyed house roofs have subsided, he noted.

Note that this international day of peace is celebrated on September 21 each year.