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The ombudsman invites the people to clear all cultivable land


Sep 20, 2023

KIRUNDO September 19th (ABP) – The Burundian ombudsman, Mrs. Aimé Laurentine Kanyana joined, on Saturday September 16, 2023, the population of Vumbi commune, in Kirundo province (northern Burundi), in the work of tracing contour lines on Gikomero hill, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

On that occasion, Mrs. Kanyana invited the people of Kirundo province in general, and that of Vumbi in particular, to clear all cultivable land in order to increase agricultural production. According to her, the Kirundo province is very fertile and can restore the name of Burundi’s breadbasket to the Kirundo province, if the people work diligently.

She also urged officials to ensure that all land, whether public or private, is exploited.

Regarding the start of the school year, the ombudsman recommended to administrators, as well as parents, that all children of school age be enrolled in school, emphasizing that all children must enjoy their rights .

Finally, she recalled that all households are called upon to limit births, so that they experience an improved life.

The governor’s chief of staff, Mr. Eric Nduwayezu, who represented the provincial administration, asked the people of Vumbi to always protect the watersheds, while winking at them that they should not waste their harvest at the market, rather store part of the harvest in sheds erected in all corners of the province, which will allow them to easily stock up on seeds.