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Kigamba and Rulenge communes of Tanzania committed to strengthening security


Sep 20, 2023

CANKUZO September 19th (ABP) – The administrator of Kigamba commune in Cankuzo province Mrs. Anitha Nibogora welcomed on Friday, September 16, 2023, a delegation from Rulenge commune, Kagera province of Tanzania, to discuss strengthening security between the two communes, as part of the Ujirani Mwema program.

In a meeting held for this purpose, Mrs. Nibogora indicated that the security situation is improving although there are still children who drop out of school to look after the cows and goats of the Tanzanians. The majority of them were at schools in the border villages of Tanzania like Rujungu, Mashiga and many others, she added.

Recalling that the child’s place is at school and in the family, Mrs. Nibogora asked the authorities of the Rulenge commune to have them return to Burundi.

Speaking, the administrator of the Rulenge commune, Mr. Steven Mkatasimba reported that the police are already working to search for all the minor shepherds in Tanzania with a view to returning them home and continuing their studies.

As for women who leave their households to settle in Tanzania, Mr. Mkatasimba suggested that searches and searches are organized by the police to remove anyone who lives there against the law.

Regarding the cases of thefts perpetrated against Burundians on Tanzanian soil, the administrator of the Rulenge commune requested that the victims provide relevant and complete information to punish the perpetrators.