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Increase in fuel prices


Sep 14, 2023

BUJUMBURA August 13th (ABP) – Fuel prices at the pump were revised upwards on 09/11/2023. In a press release, the Minister of Hydraulics, Energy and Mines, Mr. Ibrahim Uwizeye, published the new prices. Thus, in Bujumbura, premium gasoline has just increased from 3,985 BIF/liter to 4,450 BIF/liter, an increase of 465 BIF/liter. Diesel (fuel oil) increased from 3,795 BIF/liter to 4,250 BIF/liter, an increase of 455 BIF/liter. That is when oil has just increased from 3,730 BIF/liter to 4,135 BIF/liter, an increase of 405 BIF/liter.

In other parts of the country, the price of premium gasoline varies from 4,460 BIF/liter in the localities of Bukeye and Bubanza and 4,526 BIF/liter in Kobero where fuel is expensive. For diesel (fuel oil) prices hover around 4260 BIF/liter (Bubanza, Bukeye) and 4326 BIF/liter (Kobero), while the price of oil per liter, once again within the country, is between 4145 BIF still in Bubanza, Bukeye and 4211 BIF in Kobero.

Minister Uwizeye attributed that increase to “disruptions in the supply of fuel on the regional and national international market, following the global economic situation having pushed the price of a barrel to continually soar”. According to him, despite the efforts made to deal with it so that prices remain affordable in Burundi, by abandoning certain taxes and customs duties on fuel; “This price revision has become imperative to guarantee the normal functioning of the institutions of the Republic and the transport of goods and people,” says Mr. Uwizeye.

Less than two months ago, fuel was revised upwards. On July 21, in Bujumbura, premium gasoline increased from 3,250 BIF to 3,985 BIF/liter, an increase of 735 BIF/liter. Diesel (fuel oil) increased from 3,450 BIF to 3,795 BIF/liter, an increase of 345 BIF/liter, while oil increased from 3,150 BIF to 3,730 BIF/liter, an increase of 580 BIF/liter.