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Karusi youth in cultural competition


Aug 31, 2023

KARUSI August 31st (ABP) – The governor’s office organized, on Tuesday, August 29, 2023, an intercommunal youth festival to evaluate talents and target the teams that will represent the province in the upcoming national competitions.

Under the theme “Burundi my developing homeland, let’s hurry to uproot gender-based violence”. The festival-goers focused on traditional songs and dances, traditional poetry, and the offered to the best, after evaluation results made by an unbiased commission on site.

In terms of songs and dances, the Gitaramuka commune came out first. In terms of traditional poetry, the Buhiga commune took first place. The Intorere dancers of Bugenyuzi had no competitors as did the drummers of Buhiga.

In his opening speech, the governor’s chief of staff, Mr. Innocent Ntirampeba, recalled the importance of culture and cultural competitions. While encouraging the competing teams, Mr. Ntirampeba recommended the revaluation of good mores.