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Displaced people of the Mutambara site demand the construction of their solid homes


Aug 30, 2023

RUMONGE August 30th (ABP) – The victims of the rising waters of Lake Tanganyika and displaced to the village of Mutambara, testify that their life has improved after having benefited from that site, a check on site by ABP has revealed.

The inhabitants of the said village indicate that the current life is different from that of the place commonly called Semina where they had gathered after the disaster. They specify that this village is supplied with drinking water and is illuminated by solar streetlights.

However, their dwelling houses are built with tents, hence the insecurity for them and for their assets. According to them, there are times when thieves and wild animals get inside the house and steal their belongings.

To that end, they ask that the State and benefactors intervene so that their dwellings are built in solid materials in order to feel safe.

Another problem that they face, as they reported, is the flooding of a large part of that village, which is observed during the rainy season. As the said season is drawing near, they plead for the tracing of the gutters used to evacuate the rainwater to Lake Tanganyika to protect their homes.

Note that the inhabitants of that village are from the villages bordering Lake Tanganyika in Bugarama and Rumonge communes.