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422 cases of GBV are already recorded during the year 2023 in Bujumbura province


Aug 24, 2023

BUJUMBURA August 24th (ABP) – The Provincial Director of Family and Social Development, Mrs. Adélaïde Hatangayo, announced on Tuesday August 22, 2023, during a three-day training organized by the Support and Solidarity Association for Self-Development (SOSODE), that 422 cases of gender-based violence have been registered with its management.

According to her, some cases of violence were committed out of ignorance and others were done knowingly, the reason why SOSODE, an association for the defense of women’s and children’s rights, which works with this directorate, made its contribution by organizing that training for associations of young people, women, administrative officials and representatives of religious denominations, with a view to making them aware of the rights to be promoted and defended.

Mrs. Hatangayo called on participants to fight against violations and violence at the household level and there will be peace. She also pointed out that this violence is, for the most part, inflicted on women and has many consequences on them and their offspring.

She also indicated that the development of the family is hampered by the fact that women do not flourish properly; they do not have access to family assets which are managed by men. Children are also victims of the abuse suffered by their mothers, she said, specifying that the consequences are of several ways.