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The government of Burundi commends the contribution of the Catholic Church to development


Aug 30, 2023

CANKUZO August 30th (ABP) – The government of Burundi commends the achievements for development already made by the Catholic Church through the first activities initiated by the missionaries, as announced on Saturday August 26, 2023, by the Minister of Trade, Transport, of Industry and Tourism, Mrs. Marie Chantal Nijimbere, during the celebration of the jubilee of 125 years of Muyaga parish.

It was the joy that reigned at the Shrine of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Buruhukiro in the mother parish of Muyaga of the Ruyigi diocese.

In his homily, the bishop of the Ruyigi diocese, Mgr. Blaise Nzeyimana, indicated that the year of jubilee is a holy year, a year of joy and forgiveness. He called on Christians to break with all spirit of poisoning, belief in fetishism and concubine behavior, but rather to promote human rights and reconciliation.

Taking the floor, Mrs. Nijimbere reported that the first missionaries initiated the construction of health facilities and schools. “They are the ones who have illuminated the development already achieved in these locality”, Minister Nijimbere affirmed.

Note that it was the missionaries Leport and Vanderwee who founded the Catholic parish of Muyaga in 1898 and that the country’s first development activities such as the construction of schools, the development of drinking water sources in “Rusengo” and so many others, have been made in that parish.