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Ruhwa thermal water-based spa, fewer and fewer attractive


Aug 23, 2023

CIBITOKE August 23rd (ABP) – Various information sources contacted, firstly testify that the thermal water of Ruhwa is rich in a multitude of minerals and trace elements, which gives it soothing, relaxing and analgesic properties, but also that for example, thermal waters cure celebratory vascular accident (CVA). Secondly, among about twenty ruins of thermal waters known in Burundi, the Ruhwa thermal water site in Rugombo commune, is the best indicated, by its tourist attraction, at the common border between three countries, Burundi, Rwanda and the DR. Congo.

The Ruhwa site is likely to attract more visitors, with financial benefits, which it should bring to the commune, and to its residents. However, the site has been welcoming fewer and fewer tourists and visitors for a few months, because it is not well laid out and maintained, a check on the site by ABP has revealed. For the communal administrator, Gilbert Manirakiza, he regrets that the first operator could not honor his commitments, and maintain it well, which prompted the meeting of the communal council last June, to terminate his contract. Thus, he said, the new lessor is already known, and the related contract is being analyzed to further get ready for signing in early next September.

On that fact, until March 2024, Ruhwa spa will be well arranged with great efforts, Administrator Manirakiza revealed. He pointed out that there will be a site with a new face, with a modern swimming pool, a changing room, and various other constructions that will be erected, to attract more visitors and tourists, national and international ones. As for financial purposes, the site which brought to the commune, less than 200,000 BIF per month until today, will increase its revenue up to 500,000 BIF or more, from March 2024, added the same official. To achieve this, an appeal has been made to natives and visitors to visit that tourist site renowned for its healing properties.