• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

The United Methodist Church supports the State in its development projects


Aug 21, 2023

RUTANA August 21st (ABP) – The President of the Senate of Burundi Mr. Emmanuel Sinzohagera, proceeded, on Friday, August 18, to the opening of a three-day prayer which was organized by the Faithful of the United Methodist Church of Burundi, and which is held in the center of the Kayero zone in Mpinga-Kayove commune of Rutana province under the theme “Let’s wake up and work”.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Sinzohagera said that in the aim of supporting the government of Burundi in its vision of Burundi, a developing country in 2040 and a developed country in 2060, the United Methodist Church, which he legally represents, contributes to the development of the country in particular by building schools and health centers but also by providing drinking water to the people in need.

                                                                 View of the faithful of the church

Mr. Sinzohagera also indicated that the church under his responsibility also has other projects that will contribute to the development of the country, such as the construction of a university institution, the exploitation of all the cultivable land that the parishes of that church have, and the practice of rabbit farming within the latter, so that the faithful of the church who need it come to get it without difficulty.

On the economic level, the president of the senate indicated that the church intends to open its own microfinance, and plans to erect buildings in its plots located in the major cities of the country in accordance with government guidelines.

That person in authority has called on Christians in the Free Methodist Church to work hard in addition to their prayers for their self-development and that of their country. He called on church leaders in different parts of the country to sensitize their followers to work harder for development.