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No trades or professions intended for men and boys only


Aug 4, 2023

BUBANZA August 4th (ABP) – Women and girls are called on to realize that there is no trade and profession intended for men and boys only, that they too are capable of doing what their brothers do.

This appeal is made to them by Josiane Niyera, a woman from Rugunga village, in Gihanga commune (north-west of Burundi), who is a hairdresser in a male hairdressing salon.

This 21-year-old woman is married and has one child. Met on Wednesday August 2, at the Rugunga market in Gihanga commune, she told us that she has spent a year in that profession, in a male hairdressing salon, with her husband.

She says that what pushed her to learn this trade was that she noticed that her husband’s income was not able to meet all the needs of their household, and that her husband came home tired because he was working alone. Afterwards, she asked him to teach her that trade, and they agreed to do it together in their hairdressing salon located in the Rugunga market. During this year, Mrs. Niyera indicates that her family was able to rent a rice field and bought pigs for livestock, because, she continues to say, she alone can earn 5000 BIF per day. And in the future, she and her husband plan to engage in farming projects, a check by ABP revealed. She calls on other women and girls to creativity and courage because they are capable of doing what men and boys can do.