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Holding in Hunan of the 3rd edition of the Sino-African Economic and Trade Expo


Jul 3, 2023

HUNAN July 3rd (ABP) – The 3rd edition of the China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo has been held in Changsha, Hunan Province, China. During the work of that exhibition, a dialogue at the top was held between the Chinese and African delegations, about the social responsibility of (Chinese) companies and Sino-African cooperation.

The Chinese delegation was composed, among other things, of companies working on the African continent, within the “Alliance of Chinese Business in Africa for Social Responsibilities (ACBASR)”; the African delegation was made by the delegations of the countries which know the presence of the Chinese companies. “Deepening the initiative of the 100 enterprises and 1000 villages project, shouldering the social responsibilities of (Chinese) enterprises, promoting high-quality development of China-Africa cooperation, in the new era”, was the theme that was discussed during the exchanges. The Vice Minister of Commerce in the Chinese government, Mr. Li Fei, stressed the importance of cooperation between China and Africa in economic and commercial terms. From year to year, transactions have continued to increase exponentially, he estimated.

Mr. Li Zhuang, Advisor to the Department of African Affairs at the Ministry of External Affairs of the Chinese government, said that China promotes the recovery of Africa. By highlighting projects whose dividends are beneficial to the two African peoples and within the framework of win-win cooperation, the Commissioner in charge of the Department of Economy, Trade, Tourism, industry and minerals within the African Union Commission, Mr. Albert Muchanga, said that Africa and China have had a history of cooperation and friendship for several years. China’s contribution to the development of Africa through Chinese companies working in Africa is important. That high-level dialogue has reached a consensus on guiding principles that should guide Chinese companies as they deepen the “100 enterprises and 1000 villages” project. Those principles call for their social responsibilities in the interest of the common development of the African and Chinese peoples.

In that regard, according to the chairperson of the ACBASR alliance, Mr. Diao Chunhe, it is a question for the Chinese companies working on the African continent, of putting forward the concept of the Chinese government: to apply the sincerity, the research concrete results, safeguarding friendship and mutual trust in cooperation between China and Africa towards “common development for a shared future”.

It is a question of integrating and sharing with Africa the achievements of development, by actively supporting Africa in achieving its development goals for Agenda 2063. This is to integrate locally by respecting African culture and customs and supporting the promotion of African values. This is also to activate for the eradication of poverty, raising the standard of living of farmers. At this level, the alliance calls for the sharing of the Chinese experience to achieve this. Finally, it is a question of promoting the environmental protection to achieve harmonious coexistence and facilitate the achievement of the “Green Africa” vision. Currently, some 110 companies within the alliance are present in 34 countries in Africa. That 3rd edition of the Sino-African economic and trade exhibition has been held in Changsha, Hunan province, from June 29 to July 2.