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The bill on budget regulations and reporting for 2021-2022 has been passed


Jul 3, 2023

GITEGA July 3rd (ABP) – The Burundian Senators gathered in plenary assembly, unanimously passed, on Thursday June 29, 2023, in Gitega (center of the country), the bill on the budget regulation and report for the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

The session was marked by the presence of the Minister of Finance, Budget and Economic Planning, Mr. Audace Niyonzima, an envoy of the Government, to present the said bill and provide clarifications to Senators on the obscure aspects contained therein.

In his explanatory memorandum, he indicated that the bill in question gives senators the opportunity to do a posteriori control of the execution of the budget and the management of voted loans.

For more details, Minister Niyonzima pointed out that the national resources, donations and activities carried out amount to 1,933,460,686,550 BIF, representing an achievement rate of 124% compared to the forecasts which were 1,562,063,465,448 BIF.

He also explained that those achievement rate overruns are linked to revenue collection efforts by the Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR) and activities to broaden the tax base.

Furthermore, Minister Niyonzima spoke about the salaries paid to the fictitious civil servants of the State services. In that regard, he indicated that the services of the Prime Minister are in the process of conducting related investigations to flush out the ins and outs of this situation.

And to remedy this, he continued to say, the ministry in charge of the public service is in the process of computerizing its services.