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The poor reception of patients at Kayanza hospital, a concern of the governor


Jun 22, 2023

KAYANZA June 22nd (ABP) – The governor of Kayanza (north), Rémy Cishahayo, warns the care providers at the Kayanza hospital who do not welcome patients well. He specified that whoever is caught circumventing the mission assigned to them will be severely punished.

He said this on Tuesday during a meeting he organized for all the staff of the Kayanza hospital, with a view to restoring the image of that health facility.

He took the opportunity to warn some employees of that hospital who paralyze activities especially by categorically refusing the recruitment of new employees under contract, on the pretext that their bonuses would fall, a check in Kayanza by ABP has revealed.

The director of Kayanza hospital, Dr. Noël Nsabimana, acknowledged that among the challenges facing that health facility is the poor reception of patients. He deplored the fact that some health care providers treat the sick in poor condition while they are at the service of the nation.

                                                                        View of the staff pf Kayanza hospital

The director of the provincial office of health in Kayanza, Dr. Pascal Niyonzimana, specified that certain employees of the said hospital work properly while others are unaware of the mission assigned to them.

As for the insufficiency of nursing staff, that health authority in Kayanza specified that certain employees of the Kayanza hospital constitute an obstacle to their management, claiming that their bonuses would be reduced in the event of the recruitment of employees under contract.

It is in that perspective that Governor Cishahayo warned them that he will never tolerate for that category of ill-intentioned people, who partake in the paralysis of activities of public interest.

Regarding the reception of patients and the quality of services at Kayanza Hospital, he asked everyone to change their behavior while specifying that those who commit professional misconduct will be punished. At the same time, he invited the management of the aforesaid hospital to rehabilitate the infrastructure and to promote hygiene in order to restore its image.