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Entrepreneurial activity, a sure remedy against unemployment among young graduates


Jun 19, 2023

GITEGA June 19th (ABP) – Young graduates should break with the wait-and-see spirit of employment in State services. This is the wink given to them by Mr. Claude Nzeyimana, a young native of Rusagara village, Maramvya zone in the Makebuko commune of Gitega province (center of the country), in an interview he gave to a check by ABP.

Mr. Nzeyimana testified that he is financially comfortable after he started raising rabbits and poultry to draw himself from unemployment. He said he endured unemployment for almost four years, after his studies in the institute of agricultural techniques.

At the start, he said he raised three rabbits which subsequently multiplied until he has today a hutch with 250 rabbits.

As he spared nothing for the profitability of his project, Mr. Nzeyimana said that he even has rabbits that weigh 10kg each. These rabbits each brought him an amount ranged between BIF 50 and 70 thousand.

Thus, Mr. Nzeyimana expressed feelings of satisfaction with his project, arguing that he no longer has any desire to work in the public service.

Thanks to the rabbit livestock, he testified that he was able to acquire a barnyard of 90 ducks and a motorbike which does the paid transport.

By using courage, determination and self-sacrifice in entrepreneurial activity, unemployment could be banished in Burundi.

Thus, Mr. Nzeyimana recommended to young people who claim to be unemployed to use intelligence to create jobs for themselves. He proposed to them to embark on small trades, because little by little, “the bird makes its nest”, he concluded.