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The Mwaro Artillery Brigade has welcomed new soldiers


Jun 13, 2023

MWARO Jun 13th (ABP) – 368 new soldiers are welcomed into the Artillery Brigade and Training Center of Mwaro after training. The welcoming and closing ceremonies for the teachers took place in the premises of the said center. They were marked by an extraordinary parade, acrobatics and tactics used to fight the enemy, a check on the site by ABP has revealed. In his advice, the commander of the training center, Thaddée Kwizera, said that they have a mission to defend 12 million Burundians. He pointed out that entering the defense force is not a task like so many others. It is a calling of sacrifice for the interest of other people. Mr. Kwizera asked the new soldiers to always think of the 5 pillars of a soldier. He cited in particular discipline, patriotism, loyalty, esprit de corps and professionalism. He said a soldier gives his contribution in maintaining peace and security. In times of peace or crisis, the soldier is a shield. A soldier must always be available for service.

Note that the ceremonies ended with the awarding of prizes to the new soldiers who have better positioned themselves in class and in terms of physical education. They were closed by sharing a drink.