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A very good bean harvest has been recorded in Mwumba commune


Jun 13, 2023

NGOZI June 13th (ABP) – Farmers in Mwumba commune are happy with the bean harvest recorded for this season. Farmers met in the Karungura village of the Mwumba zone were filled with joy.

Mrs. Marthe Gakobwa says she is very pleased with her bean production: “I have just totaled three tons of beans, Rufutamadeni variety. It is the first time in our household. In any case, I am confident of feeding my family until the next harvest”.

On the other side, in the neighboring village of Kabasazi, Mr. Gaston Bubege pounds cassava leaves called “Isombe” in the backyard of his household. He also specified: “bean production is one of the best this year. Except for the idlers who sowed too late, the rest of the households recorded a good harvest. We thank the Almighty who gave us this opportunity”.

Asked about the reasons for this good harvest, the farmers are unanimous, good supervision by local agricultural monitors and inputs borrowed from them by the NGO One Acre Fund Tubura. The latter granted good quality selected seeds and mineral fertilizer on loans to the farmers of the Karungura village. The NGO One Acre Fund Tubura also trained them on modern farming practices.

Mentored farmers also speak of a visible difference and performance.

The director of the Provincial Bureau for the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock (DPAEE), Émile Kubwimana, commends this harvest, but insists on its good management. He advises growers to divide their harvest into three batches. The first would be for household consumption. The second would be intended for proper conservation in community sheds for possible use in case of necessity. Finally, there should be a part to put on the market for the various needs of the family.