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Two people sentenced to life and moral compensation of ten million BIF


Apr 30, 2023

KAYANZA April 27th  (ABP) – Two people from the same family from Kabungo village in Ngoro zone of Gatara commune in Kayanza province (north) were sentenced on the evening of Sunday April 23, 2023, to a penal servitude to life and ten million Burundian francs in cash for moral compensation.

A certain François Hatungimana, 38, was accused of having assassinated with knives and a machete a certain Siméon Ntirwonza from the same village while Mrs. Libie Ndacayisaba, mother of Hatungimana, was accused of being the intellectual author of the offense by resorting to superstition.

Those two people were arrested just after the murder of their neighbor which occurred on the morning of April 23rd. Superstitious affairs are at the origin of that premeditated murder, according to the explanations of the public prosecutor. He said that Mr. Hatungimana struck a machete on the head of the deceased who was going to Butwe market as usual and that Mr. Ntirwonza lost consciousness. He added that he was finished off with five stab wounds to his chest. As for Libie Hatungimana, she was accused of having used her fetish objects to deceive her son that their neighbor was the source of the diseases that attack his wife, children and goats.

The co-defendants pleaded guilty. The 30-year-old told headquarters that after being carried away by anger, he woke up early to kill his neighbor because even those around him knew and said he was a sorcerer. As for his mother, she specified that she is a traditional practitioner and that for more than 20 years but that she did not incite her son to commit the crime.

Closing its indictments, the public prosecutor requested for both a penal servitude in perpetuity. It was when the wife and child of the deceased asked for moral compensation of 500,000,000 BIF.

After a deliberation, the High Court of Kayanza indicated that Mr. François Hatungimana committed the premeditated murder while his mother was the intellectual author of the offense by using her fetish objects. Thus, it was decided that the two co-defendants would suffer a penal servitude in perpetuity and together pay 10 million BIF in cash for moral compensation costs. In the absence of that sum, they must bail out of 25 years of constraint by body.

that the superstitious objects belonging to Libie which had been found concealed in a hut located very close to the main house were burned.