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The parliament approved the names of five magistrates at the head of the Court of Auditors


Apr 30, 2023

BUJUMBURA April 30th   (ABP) – The National Assembly meeting, Friday, April 28, 2023, in plenary session, approved the names of 5 magistrates at the head of the Court of Auditors. These members were approved by 84 MPs who voted in favor against 23 others who spoke against their appointment.

Mrs. Générose Kiyago was approved by the deputies as president of this court. The deputies also approved Mr. Révérien Bahati for the post of vice-president of the Court of Auditors. The other members were approved to head all three chambers.

Ms. Jolie Ndayizeye has been appointed to the presidency of the Chamber of Administrative Affairs and Communes. Mr. Jean Bosco Birakabona has been approved to head the Chamber of Accounts Audit and Control of the Management of Public Enterprises. While Mr. Viateur Banyankimbona was approved by the National Assembly as President of the Chamber of Budgetary and Financial Affairs.