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Trade minister’s family granted aid to more vulnerable families


Apr 13, 2023

CANKUZO April 12th  (ABP) – The family of the Minister of Trade, Transport, Industry and Tourism, Mrs. Marie Chantal Nijimbere, handed over, on Saturday April 8, 2023, aid consisting of blankets, loincloths and envelopes, of money to 30 most vulnerable families of Cankuzo commune, Cankuzo province, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Minister Nijimbere, a native of Cankuzo commune, said that this gesture was made as part of sharing Easter joy with those families. She explained that the times of Lent are an opportunity for self-assessment, a time to do good deeds to show love, share the word of God and discuss the situation of peace and security. She took this opportunity to urge the entire people to get down to self-development work to alleviate poverty.

According to Minister Nijimbere, as long as we have legs and arms, we can do what is necessary, each according to his ability, to have enough to eat. Even the disabled manage to carry out the various projects, she insisted. “No one can be vulnerable forever except the oldest people.” If we focus on cooperatives, it allows us to increase production and find out how to save it to offset soaring prices. It is evident that the prices of different products in the markets are high, as a result of the low production. She urged the people to cope with the vagaries of the weather by promoting food crops in the marshes and by carrying out irrigation in the event of drought and to jealously safeguard peace and security, through good cohabitation, mutual aid for an inclusive development.