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People are called upon to safeguard the dearly acquired RN 18


Apr 13, 2023

MWARO April 11th (ABP) – The Vice-President of Burundi, Prosper Bazombanza joined, on Saturday April 8, 2023, the people of Mwaro province in tree planting work along the RN 18.

He called on those people to draw contour lines to protect the soil against erosion which carries away the mineral matter from the soil. He recalled that the people of Mwaro had waited so long for the RN 18, hence the need to protect it. Mr. Bazombanza also called on the people of Mwaro and the administrative officials to maintain the local communication roads. He urged the people of Mwaro to tackle the community development works to increase production. That way, he pointed out, there will be lower food prices. After these community works, Mr. Bazombanza visited the Agasumo ka Mwaro tourist site to see its state of affairs.