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Residents of Kabarore commune worried about an animal strangling sheep


Mar 29, 2023

KAYANZA March 28th (ABP) – The inhabitants of certain villages of the Rugazi zone in Kabarore commune of Kayanza province (north), say they are concerned about the presence of a wild animal which breaks down barns at night and kills sheep. In just two weeks, the wild beast has already killed 9 sheep and injured 11 others.

The communal administrator, Mr. Berchimans Nsaguye, contacted by telephone, said he was aware of the situation and called on the inhabitants of the locality to build stables and to monitor the said animal with a view to slaughtering it.

According to information provided by the communal commissioner of police in Kabarore and confirmed by the administrator of that commune, this wild animal which worries the inhabitants of the Rugazi zone in Kabarore commune began to be reported at Yanza village on 17 March 2023 when he broke into a stable belonging to a certain Enias Ntawigira and killed five sheep, after strangling them. In the days that followed, that ferocious animal was reported from the Tondero and Gisagara villages. To do that, they ask the administrative authorities to take all necessary measures to ensure their safety in general and that of their pets in particular. The communal administrator is worried that it would not be a single animal that roams all those villages. He invites administrative officials at all levels to sensitize the people to set up night rounds so that this animal is slaughtered in the interest of the people and its property.