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Holding in Bujumbura of the parliamentary session of EALA deputies from March 27 to April 7, 2023


Mar 29, 2023

BUJUMBURA March 28th (ABP) – The deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the East African Community (EALA) hosted on Monday March 27, 2023 in Bujumbura, a press conference to announce the work of the Parliamentary Session organized from March 27 to April 7 in Burundi (in Bujumbura), one of the member countries of the East African community.

In his speech, the EALA Speaker, Joseph Ntakirutimana indicated that what motivated them to come to Burundi for that work is that the parliamentary sessions of the EALA take place in the member countries of the community. East Africa namely Burundi, Tanzania, Rwanda, DRC, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan. He also added that it has been seen that the citizens of those EAC member countries have not yet known about the mission, the role of EALA. The organization of such a session will allow EALA deputies, in collaboration with the parliament of Burundi and the government of Burundi, to explain to Burundians the mission assigned to EALA MPs, so that the citizens of the member countries of the EAC understand how the member countries of the EAC derive the maximum benefit from their integration into the EAC.

Mr. Ntakirutimana did not forget to point out that the EALA has 63 deputies, that is to say 9 deputies for each member country, 14 members of the bureau, and 6 commissions which deal with the activities of parliament. Note that in accordance with the founding treaty of the EALA in its article 49, the EALA is an organ of the EAC which liaises between the National Assemblies of the Member States on issues relating to the East African community, analyzes and approves the EAC budget and reviews annual reports on EAC activities.